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Mimi's Finger Fun - Six piano pieces for grandchildren young and old (1998-2002)

I. Little Fanfare

II. Good Mood

III. Lullaby

IV. Single File

V. Cradle-song

VI. Short Carnival March


Duration: 6 minutes

Publisher: Robert Lienau Musikverlag RL 40990 ISMN M-011-40990-9

Musicaphon M 55716




Dear Mimi,

While looking through Grandfather's piles of scores I found another six short pieces for the piano which he wrote for you grandchildren in the last years of his life.

Little Fanfare was written for Johannes Augustin on the day of his birth. It's clever the way he combines the two names into an attractive piece of music. (Another composer has signed the piece, by the way. Perhaps you find out the name by yourself?) The second composition was a favourite of his, because when he was in a Good Mood he used to play it quietly to himself over and over on the piano. And I don't have to tell an enthusiastic babysitter like yourself why he wrote a Lullaby for Sven and a Cradle-song for Jakob on their first birthday. In Single File for Raphael and your Short Carnival March, my Papa once again enjoyed challenging your hands to cross and play octaves which take you to the remoter regions of the keyboard. If you practice hard you'll soon find playing fun.

With very best wishes,


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