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Säckingen, Music for 6 Trumpets and Timpani (+ Sizzle Cymbal), op. 103f (2000)

I. Allegro

II. Chorale

III. Paraphrase


First performance: November 26, 2000, Bad Säckingen, Kursaal (European Trumpet Guild Conference)
Richard Carson Steuart / Peter Lawrence / Matthias Schäfer / Knut Johmann / Christy Belicki / Edward H. Tarr / Marc-Andreas Gieseke

1st part: Piccolo Trp. in B-flat
2nd part: Trp. in E-flat (or Trp. in B-flat)
3rd part: Trp. in B-flat
4th part: Trp. in B-flat (or Horn in F)
5th part: Bass Trp. in B-flat (or Horn in F or Alto Trombone)
6th part: Bass Trp. in C (
Bass Trp. in B-flat or Horn in F or Tenor Trombone)
Timpani (+Sizzle Cymbal)

Dedication: for Richard Carson Steuart

Duration: 8 Minutes

Publisher: Schott Music
Score SHS 3008 / ISMN: 979-0-001-17221-9
Parts: SHS 3008-70 / ISMN: 979-0-001-17222-6



Säckingen, Op. 103f, is a three-movement work for six trumpets (from bass to piccolo) and timpani. It is dedicated to Richard Carson Steuarl. The names of the three movements betray their contrasting natures. In the first movement (Allegro), chromatic passages coupled with trilled notes contrast with accentuated antiphonal rhythmic outbursts. An echo of Luther's "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" can be discerned in the second movement (Chorale), the thematic material of which is partly linear and partly architectonically rhythmic. In the final movement (Paraphrase), a well-known modern melody is quoted and dissected both harmonically and rhythmically, leading quickly to a dramatic close in which the elements are reunited.

Bertold Hummel

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