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"... and a tango" - Four easy pieces for Violin and Piano (1993/1998/2000/2001)

Albumblatt (album leaf)


Stšndchen (serenade)



Duration: 10 Minutes

Publisher: Schott Music VLB 125 / ISMN: M-001-14974-7



Bertold Hummel was in the habit of composing personal birthday presents and thereby created numerous small piŤces which are easy to play and listen to since they were intended to be performed ad hoc at family celebrations. These four violin pieces originated during the last few years of my father's life. Albumblatt, Arietta and Tango are dedicated to his wife Inken who played the violin. He composed a small serenade, Stšndchen, on the occasion of the birth of his granddaughter Johanna Marie which, appropriately to its delicate dedicatee, is to be performed con sordino.

Martin Hummel

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