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Tombeau for JPK for Concert Band, op. 81g (1998)


Beginning of Tombeau


Instrumentation: Fl., Ob., Bssn., 3 Clar. in B-Flat, Bass Clar. in B-flat, Alt. Sax. in E-Flat, Tenor Sax. in B-flat, Baritone Sax. in E-Flat, 2 Trp. in B-flat, Fr. Hn. in F, 2 Trb., Euphonium, Bass Tub., Glockenspiel

Dedication: for PJK

Duration: 5 minutes

Publisher: Schott Music
Score SHS 1024
Parts SHS 1024-70



Preface (Schott Music SHS 1024)

"Today, one of my dosest friends, the composer Peter Jona Korn, has passed away. He was, like me, a lone wolf and resisted any form of mental gagging throughout his life. This work is intended ńs an honourable commemoration for him." Bertold Hummel ends his Tombeau for PJK with these words on 12 January 1998, the date on which his friend died.
Entirely in the spirit of the dedicatee, Hummel does not hesitate to express his deep personal feelings in funeral music of great beauty and melancholy which - with the exception of three insertions - pays its respects to music ofthe 19th Century in form, gesture and harmony. PJK had always viewed this music as the nourishment for his own compositions. In 1980, he wrote a symphony for wind orchestra entitled Salute to the Lone Wolves. It is highly likely that Hummel also utilised this instrumentation for his final salutation as a reference to this work.
In addition to score and instrumental parts, the current edition also includes the particell in which my father committed the Tombeau for PJK to paper.

Martin Hummel Translation: Lindsay Chalmers-Gerbracht

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