commentary to opus 77a

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Meditation on "Veni, sancte spiritus" for Organ, op. 77a (1982)

First performance : august 15, 1983, Würzburg, St. Bruno
Larry Crummer

Duration: 6 Minutes

Publisher: Willy Müller Verlag (Bärenreiter) (in: "Orgelmusik am Oberrhein")
SM 2790 / ISMN: M-2021-1854-2

ifo-records ORG 72222



Mainpost, 17th August, 1983

Hummel's Meditation op. 77a is dedicated to the memory of his deceased friend, the organist Waldemar Bohner. Notes taken from those letters in the organist's name corresponding to notes of the scale are combined with chorale melody, a procedure honoured by tradition. The exciting, gripping aspect of Hummel's musical language is the apparently free form, a certain restlessness leading to a flow of constantly changing moods, surprising turnings, scurrying runs, lines ascending out of the darkness, sudden crescendos, progressions in which the extracted thematic material is not so much recognised as sensed.

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