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Epigrams for Strings, op. 69a (1978)

I. Moderato

II. Andantino

III. Allegro con brio

IV. Andante

V. Vivace



First performance: August 11, 1979, Wies bei Steingaden, Landvolkshochschule
Orchester der Werkgemeinschaft für Musik e.V. / Bertold Hummel

Duration: 11 Minutes

Publisher: C.F. Peters Musikverlag EP 8643 (score and orchestral material are available for purchase!)


CD available: Das Bezirksjugendsinfonieorchester Unterfranken (Regional Youth Symphony Orchestra of Lower Franconia), conducted by Hermann Freibott

Video: Works by Hummel on youtube

The Epigrams for Strings, op. 69a, were composed in the 1978 for a youth string orchestra. Easily perceived pictures in sound in contrasting movements are put together with simple means. Pulsating repeated notes, short motifs, layers of thirds, fourths and fifths as well as directly understandable melodic sequences in tonally free space are characteristic for these pieces. They appeal immediately to player and listener alike.

Bertold Hummel



Bertold Hummel's Epigrams are five unpretentious but sharply characterised miniatures, complete in themselves, combining at the same time constructivism and sensuous espressivo. In naturally flowing cycles, tension is built up and released. The whole style and the technical demands remain traditional, the musical statement is clear and unambiguous, sometimes almost didactic - e.g. in the introduction to the Fugato on B-A-C-H (German notation for B-flat : A : C : H).
(Suitable for school orchestra with; duration ca. 10 minutes)
Thomas Gartmann


Saale-Zeitung, 5th September, 1995

This highly sensitive music, demanding with its finely differentiated planes of tone colour a high level of concentration and stable tone production, was the climax of the programme.

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