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Paraphrase on an Aleman Folksong for 4 Trombones, op. 59c (1958/76)


Duration: 10 Minutes

Publisher: Zimmermann Musikverlag Frankfurt ZM 25250 / ISMN M-010-25250-6


Neue Musik Zeitung, 1986

It is a good sign that more and more contemporary composers are devoting attention to brass ensembles. The theme of this paraphrase is particularly suitable for trombone quartet, as it exploits thoroughly the different sonorities across the whole range of the instruments. Being of a moderate degree of difficulty, it is certainly performable for amateur players. Medium difficulty.


Clarino 1/1997

The aleman folk melody which forms the compositional kernel of the piece contains an element of gentle and peaceful flow. This is particularly felt in the musical development of the opening. This peacefulness cannot however be maintained, for the melodic line, whether in the principal voice carrying three melodies or in the accompanying parts, becomes progressively more troubled. Unexpectedly, strongly contrasting elements within the melody are presented in antithesis. The melody is interrupted when it moves into other parts; there is particular emphasis on varied and expressive articulation. The peacefulness gives way increasingly to hectic tension. It is in keeping with this that the the flowing alla breve of the beginning is replaced by rapid 3/4 time in the action-packed middle section. At the end, the hectic motion is directed in a constant crescendo into a weighty, striding example of brass sound which breaks off with a sharp sforzato.

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