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Episodes for large orchestra, op. 23b (1962)

I. Introduction - Adagio

II. Allegro

III. quasi Cadenza - Presto piu mosso

IV. Conclusion


Instrumentation:, Perc. Hrp., Strings

Duration: 13 Minutes

Publisher: N. Simrock Berlin-London (Boosey & Hawkes)
Score EE 5331/ ISMN M-2211-2122-6


Video: Works by Hummel on youtube

Episodes for large Orchestra was written in 1962 as a commission for the Oldenburg Staatstheater and was premiered there as a ballet (Pas de deux).
The work combines characteristic dance scenes in the following sequence: Introduction-Adagio, Allegro, Cadenza-Allegro molto and Conclusion.

A seven-tone sequence (modus) of all the semitones within the tritone interval c - f-sharp dominates the whole work and gives rise through the different movements to the necessity of a multiplicity of variations on the basic material.

Bertold Hummel



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