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110901 for speaker and percussion, op. 107d (2001)

110901 II. III.a german version

Duration: 8 Minutes

Publisher: Musikverlag Zimmermann Frankfurt ZM 34620 / ISMN: M-010-34620-5


The idea of coming to terms with and commenting on the events of September 11, 2001 through art came from Cornelia Grossmann. Reiner Taudien’s thought-provoking lines in "Black Tuesday", which I came across by chance in the magazine "Der Gesundheitsberater" (The health advisor), seemed to me well suited for setting to music. The result was 110901 for speaker and percussion, composed in November 2001.

Bertold Hummel

Reiner Taudien

Black Tuesday September 11, 2001


Shattered the myth
of omnipotence.
Terror on iron wings pierces
the heart of our capitals
Manhattan shaken
to the core.
Mass murder spills from


Determined grief between
profit and loss.
The free world sends flowers.
Horrified, protesting innocence,
the dread deeds of evil men.


Open-mouthed, in naked fear
the world is frozen,
one heartbeat long
A shout goes up from the wicked
and the brokers
lament as the share prices
Greed pumps the price
of oil.
The President announces:
Government and business
as usual.


As if the vipers of
religious mania had never
sat down at the table of the righteous,
to barter for power and oil.
The arrogance of capitalism
is forced to its knees


And now? Onward to the
Middle Ages?
Crusades in the name of our gods?
Wall Street against Babylon?

© 2002 by Musikverlag Zimmermann, Frankfurt am Main














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