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3 Miniatures for 2 Violins and Violoncello or Children's Orchestra, op. 101d

I. Intrada

II. Pastorella

III. March


Duration: 7 Minutes

Publisher: N. Simrock Hamburg-London (Boosey & Hawkes)
Score and Parts: ISMN M-2211-0139-6
V1: ISMN M-2211-0140-2
V2: ISMN M-2211-0141-9
Vc: ISMN M-2211-0142-6

Video: Works by Hummel on youtube



NMZ 4/01, April 2001

These Three Miniatures are very suitable for lower or middle level orchestra in the school or for a school orchestra being put together. All pieces can be played in first position and are in any case rewarding for young ensembles after investment of the necessary rehearsal time. The Three Miniatures are titled "Intrada - Pastorella - March". Precise markings regarding tempo, dynamics and phrasing and the good, large, clean print help the preparation, as do the bar numbers. In the Pastorella, pizzicato and mute make appearances, as does an optional harmonics indication at bar 2 1/2 in the first violin. Double stops are certainly better played divisi. A striking effect is the contrast of duple and triple metre between 1st /2nd violins and violoncello. In the March, the parallel fourths and a brief passage with parallel fifths are interesting.
Degree of difficulty: easy. Duration: Intrada = 1:30 min., Pastorella = 1:30 min., Marsch = 1 min., total duration 4 minutes.

Edwin B. Gahabka

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